Youtube Trying To Be a Mainstream Cable Competitor and Failing

If you have been keeping up with the youtube drama in the last few years, it is pretty obvious what their move is going to be in the future. With new implementations like youtube red and supporting mainstream cable channels like Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel above actual content creators, they are sending a clear message that the platform is no longer what it used to be. Despite pushback from big YouTubers themselves with millions of subscribers, it seems they are set in their ways and things will probably only get worse for content creators.

There once was a time where youtube was for the creator and really didn’t care about the celebrity endorsements or mainstream channels joining the site. However, what was quickly realized was it became much more lucrative to cater to those channels because they brought in bigger expensive advertisers. With the apocalypse that has happened in the last year, many YouTubers who have millions of subscribers have seen their incomes decimated. This has been going on slowly for years but in the last year a few articles giving youtube bad press really set it off big time.

The thing is, normal creators are too volatile for youtube’s business model now, they cant predict when someone like a pewdiepie will do something that people lash out against. Mainstream media channels with oversight and people making sure the content is user-friendly are in the favor of advertisers, which ultimately makes google money. When youtube was pretty much censorship free and allowed most things on the site without getting pulled down, they were hemorrhaging money. They had a larger plan all along so they were willing to lose money, but now it seems that the larger plan is killing the ultimate vision.

Youtube right now has little in the way of real competitors, hopefully, this will change. I for one like where the tube is heading and hope we can see people move there in the next couple of years. However, even if creators don’t like youtube they will still probably be posting there because it is free to do so. Videos will most likely have to be created for fun rather than profit, or creators will have to branch out with other ventures like merchandising.

The truth is the dream of creating a youtube channel and being able to get millions of subscribers and ultimately become your own boss, is pretty much dead, on that platform anyway. In order to break into the market now, you need to be a pretty substantial force and most likely able to support yourself with other means. Most people, unfortunately, are unable to do this and we have seen many cut upload amounts in half or even stop completely. Things will only continue to get worse in my opinion. I only hope that the creators of content people want to see can find a home somewhere else.

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